Understanding the Value of Financial Advice

Investors who use a financial advisor tend to achieve higher levels of wealth and success.  They also have better savings habits and they're generally more confident in their ability to meet their retirement income needs¹.  You can be a more informed investor by developing five good habits:

  1. Have a plan.  It can be as simple as putting money aside for a rainy day or a longer term plan for your retirement.
  2. Save a little every month.  "Pay yourself first" with a quick and easy automatic savings plan and watch the miracle of compounding help your savings grow.
  3. Open mail from your Financial Advisor.  Take the time to read your statements and ask your Advisor about any terms you don't understand.
  4. Talk to your Financial Advisor.  Whether you're starting a family; you got a new job; or you're moving into a new home Be sure to keep your advisor up-to-date on any changes that might affect your financial situation.
  5. Meet with your advisor even if there are no changes.  Regular two-way communication is key to success.


Finding the right Financial Advisor is the first step to financial well being

Ask yourself:

  1. Is my advisor independent and able to shop the entire industry for the right products for me?  Or does my advisor work at a bank and can only sell me that bank's offerings.
  2. Does my advisor have access to stock markets, GIC's, mutual funds, bonds and capital markets?
  3. What about life, health & disability insurance?  Can my advisor help protect what I've worked so hard on to build?
  4. Is my advisor an award winning Senior Financial Advisor with better than two decades industry experience?
  5. And is my advisor there for me and promptly returns my calls?

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¹ The Investment Funds Institute of Canada

What our clients are saying

Saverio not only has a wealth of knowledge about markets but also provides a unique perspective on investing you won't find anywhere else. He takes the time to understand your situation and objectives to propose investments that are best suited for you, even going against popular opinion if it's better for you. His motto is you don't have to do ama...

B.M., Oakville, ON

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