Putting your money to work for you doesn't have to be confusing.  And it isn't, when you enlist the services of an independent Senior Financial Advisor. Being independent means that Saverio isn't tied to any one company. He's able to shop the entire industry for customized investment solutions that align with your personal goals, desires and your stage in life. Equities, mutual funds, bonds, segregated funds and GIC's are just a piece of the big-picture approach that Saverio employs in building your financial knowledge and well-being. Apps and robots work with algorithms. Saverio works with you..

Capital Markets, Alternative Investments, Flow-through Limited Partnerships and more sophisticated investment vehicles are some of the hallmarks of High Net Worth investing. The products may be different but Saverio's disciplined investment principles are the same. HNW investors balance a want for growth, a need for asset protection and strategic gifting to realize their philanthropic goals.

It's not what you earn - it's what you keep! 

Sounds simple enough.  But countless investors only look at rates of return, without considering how those returns will be taxed.  Saverio employs vehicles that can help defer or offset those taxes, keeping more of your money in your pocket.  Saverio's vast personal knowledge and network of tax professionals provide expert advice for both Canadian and U.S. citizens.

The right employee benefits program can help you reach today's goals and stretch for tomorrow's.  Whether you have a small business with just a few employees or you're one of Canada's largest employers we have the fit and flexibility that will help you attract top notch people and reward your current employees.  And as your business grows and changes, we'll help you prepare for the future.

Restructured, Downsized or Re-orged.  They all mean the same thing - you're not heading into work today.  Saverio's approach to career transitioning allows you to focus your attention on finding your next career, while he addresses critical steps such as severance options; group benefits; pension transfers & PAR's; tax sheltering; retirement allowances and budgeting.

Your most valuable asset is your income - it makes everything else in your life possible.  So what would happen if you lost that ability to earn a living?  How would you survive?  How would your family get by? 

Let's face it.  No one likes to talk about Life, Health, Disability or Critical Illness insurance.  Saverio gets this.  But he will help you see how they are crucial components of a comprehensive strategy for income protection and for investment opportunities.

What our clients are saying

Saverio, you are adorned with professionalism, an attentive, listening ear that allows your clients to feel at ease and cared for.  I was so impressed with your investment philosophy and your helpful team that I referred my own mother to you and she is now your client!

Ellis N., Mississauga, ON

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